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Payap University History

The Church of Christ in Thailand had endeavored for more than 50 years to establish a Christian higher education institute in Thailand. However, its efforts had been unsuccessful for many reasons. Then, in 1969, the Royal Proclamation of the Private College Act made private higher education a legal reality in Thailand. The Church of Christ in Thailand, therefore, reconsidered the establishment of a Christian higher education institute in 1970 aiming to elevate its existing educational institute, the McCormick Hospital School of Nursing and the McGilvary Theological Seminary to become a higher education institute. The Church of Christ in Thailand, then, appointed a committee to set up a private college in Thailand. The permission finally, was granted for Payap College on March 21, 1974. Payap College held its first classes on June 10, 1974 consisting of 7 undergraduate program and one diploma program. In this first year, there were189 students form 15 provinces spread all over Thailand. Payap College recived permission from the Ministry of University Affairs to change from “Payap College” to  “Payap University” on july 25, 1984, making it the first private university in Thailand.

Payap University Preamble

Payap University, the first private university in Thailand, was established by the Foundation of the Church of Christ in Thailand to bear witness to the steadfastness of God, the faithfulness of humanity, and the concern and support of people for one another.

Payap University strives to adhere to its motto, “TRUTH AND SERVICE” by seeking academic and moral excellence in order to create understanding through the living truth and attitude of service to all.

Student of Payap University must learn self-development, acquire knowledge, exhibit wisdom. And think creatively. They must develop capacity for excellence, grow in social responsibility, and work together effectively.